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Lent and Easter

It takes time to believe. The disciples of Jesus needed time to believe in him and understand the meaning of his life, death and resurrection. So do we.

That’s why we return each year to the mysteries of his life, death and resurrection. This Wednesday–Ash Wednesday– we begin a season for believing. You can find some thoughts of the Lenten-Easter seasons at http://www.cptryon.org.

Will the bad times we live in bring more people to look for support in the mysteries of faith?  Maybe. But institutional religions like ours don’t seem to give the assurance they once gave. In fact, all the world religions, according to some, are holding the world back from progress.

Belief doesn’t occur in a vacuum. The world we live in affects the way we believe, and our faith is shaken as so many institutions we depend on–finance, government, religions, international bodies–seem to fail us.

One blessing this season of grace may bring is new hope in the world’s institutions. It’s so easy to criticize them; they’re not perfect and certainly need change. But without them, the world can’t develop as it should.

“We were hoping,” the disciples said to Jesus as they made their discouraged way to Emmaus. At the end of the journey, they were hoping again. Will our hope grow again?