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Lent and Easter

It takes time to believe. The disciples of Jesus needed time to believe in him and understand the meaning of his life, death and resurrection. So did the man in today’s gospel from Mark who asks help in his unbelief. So do we.

Where are we now?

Since the Christmas season we have been reading from Mark’s Gospel and his ministry in Galilee, which ends in Chapter 9. Then, he begins his journey to Jerusalem where he says he will die and rise again.  

What does Mark’s gospel tell us he has accomplished so far? His disciples still do not understand him, Peter certainly doesn’t. (Mark 8, 27-33) Despite miracles and his inspired teaching,  his own family and hometown turn away from him. (Mark 3,1-5;  6, 1-6) Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem come to Galilee to dismiss and condemn him.( Mark 7,1-15)

Yet, Jesus goes on to Jerusalem, with his disciples and–with all of us.

We end our reading of Mark’s Gospel at chapter 9 to begin the lenten season on Ash Wednesday. The lenten season’s readings and feasts takes us, like his disciples, from Galilee to Jerusalem.

Will this lent and Easter turn more people to join him?  Maybe. But the world we live in is a lot like Galilee.

Still, like the disciples who first followed him there, we’re going up to Jerusalem.