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The Silent Self

The silent self


Silence is

sitting still

standing still

lying still





being inspired with life

and love

from him from whom these

gifts do come-

the Lord of life and love-

the living Lord Jesus.

And in the stillness


and joyfully acknowledging

that in Jesus alone

the silence of life and love is found.

Then to humbly rest




to bow the knee

in all that satisfying silence-

and be fulfilled.

Harry Alfred WIGGETT, The silent self, in: Nigel Watts, Most this Amazing Day, Fount , 1998

The Interior Sorrows of Jesus

In the Mass for today, Luke’s Gospel brings us back to Nazareth, where Jesus lived most of his life among “his own.” But his own reject him at the beginning of his ministry in their synagogue. Their rejection surely hurt him; how could he forget it?

The crowds that welcome him to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday call him “the prophet Jesus from Nazareth in Galilee.” Yet so few disciples from Nazareth seem to follow him; only a few women from there will stand by his cross as he dies. From what we know of Nazareth, Jesus did not find much acceptance there. “He came to his own and his own received him not.”

The Lenten Gospels prepare us for the great mystery of Jesus’ death and Resurrection by presenting him as one who took on himself our sorrows. They place before us the physical sorrows that come from the nails, the thorns, the scourging. But let’s not forget the interior sorrows Jesus experienced, the sorrow that his rejection at Nazareth brought to him, for example.  It also was part of the mystery of his cross.

We may not experience the physical sorrows of Jesus, but we will inevitably experience interior sorrows like his. Rejection by our own, perhaps. There are many ways  we share in the passion of Christ.