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Friday Thoughts Continued

Friday is the traditional day Christians remember the Passion of Jesus. We’re losing that tradition I’m afraid. Can we do something about it?

The words “Friday Thoughts” came to my mind and so I put some thoughts from Thomas Aquinas and Bernard of Clairvaux on a previous blog. Then I happened to #hashtag Friday Thoughts over at Twitter and came upon #fridaythoughts , a whole world of people probably finishing the week and looking at the coming weekend.

So here are some Friday thoughts:

“Fri-YAY! Welcome back weekend, can’t wait to enjoy you!”

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.”

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

How can we offer #fridaythoughts a reminder of the Gentle One who shook the world this day and brought it hope and life?

Some of them might be interested

The New Media

The Iranian revolution is a fascinating event. It’s opened new ground in communications, for example. The commentators on CNN last night said that the government can hardly control the information available through cell phones, Facebook, Twitter. They‘ve blocked the regular channels, like television and radio, and the journalists who work for them, but a wealth of information comes from ordinary people on the streets.

Today as newspapers fold, magazines like NewsWeek scramble to update their formats, television networks look at declining viewers, the new media is growing. When the host on CNN last night asked his guest communication experts where they would  go to follow the Iranian revolution, they mentioned some blogs that are putting together the emerging story–not CNN itself. I wonder if the CNN host said to himself “There goes my job!”

The 18th century founder of my community, St. Paul of the Cross, was a prolific letter writer. Letter-writing was the rage then, the most popular new form of communication of the time, and he used it to reach a wide range of people.

I think he would blog today. I wish, too, that his community would take more of an interest in the new media. It’s a way to speak to the world.