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Epiphany Cathedral: Parish Mission, Monday-Thursday

From January 28-February 2, 2012 I’ll be preaching a mission at Epiphany Cathedral, Venice, Florida. The theme is FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST THROUGH THE GOSPELS.  Each evening at 7 PM from Monday to Thursday, I’ll reflect on an extended passage from the gospels. My goal is to better appreciate the scriptures as a source of faith and knowing Jesus Christ.

I’ll be putting up material from the mission each day that might help  somebody who can’t get to the mission or who may have missed something.

Here’s a Youtube Video for Monday’s evening service.

Here’s the schedule for Monday evening:

1st Evening: Following Jesus Christ: Jericho to Bethany

Opening hymn:   I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light – CCH 297

Announcements and opening prayer

Catechesis  (10 minutes): How do you grow in faith today? Some aids to faith.

Reflective hymn: The Summons – CCH 375

Presentation (35 minutes): Reading from Luke 18,35-19.11, 29-38

Sermon: The Friends of Jesus

Benediction, hymns: Tantum Ergo – CCH  88

short reflective prayer,

closing hymn: Go Make of All Disciples – CCH 374

(15 minutes)